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Bond Access – What the Chinese onshore bond market has to offer

Bond Connect is a key part of China opening up its financial markets, and international investors cannot afford to ignore it.

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Credit strategy – a global perspective on Asian debt

Fears of a recession in the US, defaults in China, and potential opportunities in Indonesia are among the biggest topics in Asia credit.

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Shifts in Consumer Spending

Lean into luxury - more consumers choose quality over quantity

Consumer spending trends are shifting. Adapting to the changing patterns of tomorrow’s consumer is critical.

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Index inclusion – the next major development for Chinese bonds

Global investors are getting ready for the inclusion of China’s onshore debt into international indices, with a focus on issues such as liquidity and hedging.

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Economic divide and misrule

Regional income inequality risks unwanted political consequences

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Seeking Alpha in the A Share Market

Investors looking for alpha returns from China’s onshore stocks need to assess high valuations in new growth industries

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Asset Allocation: China’s place in a global portfolio

With access to onshore Chinese securities easier than ever before, investors are considering how best include the country into their existing portfolios.

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Understanding China’s Panda bonds

It's all black and white: understanding China's Panda bonds

China's Panda bond market continues to develop and internationalise, what does it means for China in a globalising world?

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