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City life returns - slowly

The pandemic emptied cities: people are now returning – but for recreation rather than work


Latin America likes labelled bonds

Green, social and sustainability-linked bonds well suited for Central and Southern America

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Equity market activity fuels escrow demand in Asia-Pacific

Despite all of the volatility and uncertainty unleashed by COVID-19, equity capital markets across Asia-Pacific are thriving, with many markets reforming their IPO regimes to attract more international listings.

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Europe’s difficult demographic dilemma

An ageing population and falling birth rate have serious social and financial consequences


Beijing cools property – and commodities

Mainland China’s housing investment boom raised commodity prices but is set to ease

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Equity-linked markets gaining momentum with UK corporates

Activity in the UK Equity-linked market has been especially buoyant, as companies increasingly explore options offered by the capital markets, in addition to bank financing. HSBC looks in depth at how UK corporates are utilising the Equity-linked market.

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Asia gets back in the game

Vaccination roll-outs started slowly but will soon allow domestic demand to rebound


Repacks revival: an alternative yield opportunity for investors

HSBC experts discuss the drivers behind the revival of the repacks market and outline the importance of efficient trust and agency solutions to service this booming market.

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Agency services and Equity-linked markets: game changers amid the pandemic

Access to liquidity has been a recurrent market theme over the last twelve months, with clients exploring ways to unlock capital through innovative equity financing structures, supported by efficient agency services.

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