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Rebuilding a climate-resilient US

President’s ambitious USD2 trillion infrastructure plan creates jobs while pursuing climate goals

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Not another super-cycle

Not another super-cycle?

Rising commodity prices reflect mainland China’s recovery, constrained oil supply and dry weather

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India needs medium-term growth driver

GDP could exceed 11 per cent this year - but what will drive the economy after that?

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Pandemic hits city rents

House prices have risen while apartment rents fall

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Mainland China’s consumption lags

Unleashing savings can lift GDP, but help for small firms, jobs and incomes is needed


Mainland China gets greener

Solar and wind capacity has grown faster than expected as country aims for carbon neutrality

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Back to the office?

Working-from-home is here to stay for many. Employers have to adapt

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ASEAN faces slow recovery

Vaccination is as important as fiscal and monetary measures in Southeast Asia

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