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This is hydrogen’s decade

The green gas can fuel transport, heat buildings and power industry

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US set for climate action

Democrats' control of Capital Hill allows Joe Biden to bring sweeping change

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Injecting hope for 2021

Mainland China's exports to remain strong

Rising global demand will offset falling foreign orders for pandemic-related products

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Unleashing the power of Escrows in times of uncertainty

A selection of 2020 case studies demonstrating HSBC’s ability to adapt to ever-changing and challenging market conditions using innovative escrow solutions.

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Mainland China in 2021

With the recovery well underway, we identify five key themes to watch

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2021 Key trends to watch in Corporate Banking

2021 Key trends to watch in Corporate Banking

COVID-19 has caused an unparalleled global economic dislocation, which in all likelihood could take many years to recover from. HSBC takes a look at the trends which could shape 2021.

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ASEAN budget deficits stay high

Pandemic effect on revenues, more than extra spending, hits Southeast Asian economies

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Covid-19, M&A, IPOs and Escrows in Europe: 4 trends to watch

COVID-19 has unleashed unprecedented levels of volatility and uncertainty across global equity markets. Which trends have been observed in 2020 and which ones are likely to shape 2021?

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Is ECB Green QE coming soon?

Problems in including green bonds in asset-purchase programmes can be overcome

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