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HSBC Webinar: What is the future for global cross-border investment taxation?

There have recently been significant global tax policy changes for both asset owners and global custodians alike. More is expected down the road.


HSBC Webinar: Fund Distribution and Global Transfer Agency post COVID-19

Listen to our webinar replay where we examine the trends as asset managers seek to deal with the wide-scale industry transformation being driven by increased competitive rivalry in the form of passive management, regulatory oversight, individualisation of savings, “digital revolution” and a post COVID-19 landscape.


Demystifying Insurance Hybrid Capital

There is steady flow of issuance from insurance companies that can complement an investor’s holdings in more traditional banks.

In Depth

HSBC Webinar: End of the road for (L)IBOR: implications for asset managers and asset owners

Our webinar discusses across 3 dimensions of the IBOR replacement challenge: intentions and views from regulators, the impact on the buy side and intermediaries and the impact on the sell side.


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