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Quasi-sovereigns blaze trail for Korea

After Korea earned a AA rating back in 2012, its highest rated credits opened the path to a global and diversified investor base for Korean issuers.

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Now Chinese can buy Hong Kong bonds

Southbound Bond Connect should help liberalise mainland China’s capital account

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The impact of ESG regulation and what it means for investors

Hear expert perspectives covering the rise of ESG regulation, the integration of climate risk within regulatory frameworks in Asia, as well as its implication for investors.


Latin America likes labelled bonds

Green, social and sustainability-linked bonds well suited for Central and Southern America

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Equity market activity fuels escrow demand in Asia-Pacific

Despite all of the volatility and uncertainty unleashed by COVID-19, equity capital markets across Asia-Pacific are thriving, with many markets reforming their IPO regimes to attract more international listings.

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