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Asia’s green finance booms

Investors eager for region’s dollar-denominated green bonds

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ESG integration helps everybody

It is no magic wand but it is a key part of the analytical toolkit for investors and companies

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Japan advances net zero date

Achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 will require economic restructuring

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Mainland China powers a green finance success with strong public policy

Learn what HSBC’s survey of capital markets issuers and investors in mainland China reveals about green and sustainable finance in the region.

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The changing face of sustainability in a post-pandemic world

Daniel Klier, Global Head of Sustainable Finance at HSBC uncovers the latest key trends, changing attitudes and shifting strategies from our 2020 Sustainable Financing and Investing Survey.

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Beyond food waste

Food retailers can protect their reputation and avoid regulatory risk by cutting waste

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Climate is Asia’s next crisis

Coal usage exacerbates weather changes that threatens flooding and food supplies

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The return of green bonds

Social bonds fund pandemic response while Europe drives green-bond demand

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Waste not want not

Packaging is polluting but it cuts food waste

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