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Can MENAT region make meaningful steps towards a low-carbon economy?

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In Conversation with Christian Deseglise, Global Head of Sustainable Finance and Investments at HSBC

In our latest interview, we sit down with Christian Deseglise to discuss the rise of ESG and the important part it plays in investment decisions.

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HSBC Webinar: HSBC ESG Portfolio Reporting Service

Listen to our webinar replay and join our panel of specialists discussing the launch of our reporting service that provides our Securities Services clients with independent measurement of how focused their listed asset investments are on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues.


COVID-19 tweaks Europe’s Green Deal

Climate-neutral scheme becomes key to European recovery plan

In Brief

Mobilising Saudi’s public transportation

HSBC arranges the first green export credit agency (ECA) loan, facilitating German buses to support Riyadh's public transportation.

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Bahrain's market developments, impacts of COVID-19 and investor access

The delivery-versus-payment (DVP) model is expected to enhance the Bahrain capital market infrastructure and offer better protection of client assets, investor protection, settlement and disclosure enhancements.

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Carbon-pricing after coronavirus

A Q&A on how the pandemic is affecting schemes designed to reduce emissions

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Airlines’ CO2 emissions grounded

Pandemic mothballs least efficient planes but delays low-carbon replacements

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