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Emergence of Vietnam in the offshore capital markets

Emergence of Vietnam in the offshore capital markets

Vietnam is Asia's fastest-growing economy and offshore market development has a pivotal role to play in Vietnam moving upmarket.

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2020 Key trends to watch in Corporate Banking: The growing use of Issuer Services

Capital markets and corporate banking are undergoing seismic changes. Giovanni Fenocchi, Global Head of Issuer Services and Patrick Nolan, Global Head of Corporate Banking discuss key trends likely to shape 2020 in their respective areas.


Europe proposes carbon border tax

Levy aims to stop EU firms looking abroad to avoid emissions controls

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From inclusion to inflows: how Chinese capital markets are maturing

Despite a short-term slowdown, China's economy has long-term potential.

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Flourishing in the future: Financial services needs to change course

By redefining workplace culture, nurturing talent, understanding the customer better, and using data intelligently, the industry will be in a much stronger position.

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