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Latin America likes labelled bonds

Green, social and sustainability-linked bonds well suited for Central and Southern America

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Equity market activity fuels escrow demand in Asia-Pacific

Despite all of the volatility and uncertainty unleashed by COVID-19, equity capital markets across Asia-Pacific are thriving, with many markets reforming their IPO regimes to attract more international listings.

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Sustainable aviation fuel takes off

A green alternative to kerosene will allow airlines to decarbonise


Asia’s credit markets look forward with confidence

Asia’s credit markets face a new and changed reality as the region slowly emerges from COVID-19 – but there are reasons to believe that regional bonds will perform well in 2021.

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China’s bond markets become more disciplined, more international

China’s bond market is facing a challenging transition amid rising defaults, but a more disciplined credit market and growing international participation in the onshore markets will create opportunities, experts say.

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Macro View on Bond Markets

The re-emergence of inflation this year caused many observers to predict that the US Federal Reserve may move quickly to raise interest rates. HSBC’s fixed income analysts see it differently.

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ESG enters Asia’s credit mainstream

Green, social and sustainability bonds are the fastest-growing segment in Asia’s bond market. As the drive towards net zero accelerates, this trend will only gather momentum.

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Mainland China’s sustainable bond market gains ground

Mainland China’s sustainable bond market has gone from strength to strength recently, with issuers and investors finding new opportunities – and embracing international standards

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