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Being Open to Open Banking

Being Open to Open Banking

HSBC has a new global strategy, is investing heavily in technology and is helping its clients in digital transformation.

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What are US companies’ key concerns?

We’ve analysed 20,000 earnings calls to identify business’s real issues

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China’s chip challenge

The world’s biggest semi-conductor user wants to stop buying from foreign firms

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Reforms: China’s way to win trade war

Retaliation against the US is not enough: Beijing must expedite change

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Why trade war will boost China | Insights

Why trade war will boost China

Stronger ties with emerging countries make US tension a blessing in disguise

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Sales grow as robots shrink

Cheap, small and easily-programmed devices are driving demand

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China embraces telemedicine

Aging population is ideally suited to healthcare by internet

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Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology

What are they and are they different?

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Asia’s payment landscape is evolving rapidly

Emerging and real time digital payment methods are driving changes in the banking landscape in Asia, particularly in China.

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