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COVID-19 is catalyst for transport change

Virtual communication and autonomous vehicles avoid physical human contact

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Adding human touch to forecasting models

Machine-learning models can remain useful during extreme upheavals

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HSBC launches FX Flexpay for global payments

HSBC FX Flexpay connects Payments and FX capabilities to create efficiency for clients, reduce operational costs and improve transparency

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Blockchain partnerships to transform trade finance

Blockchain is a viable tool that could transform trade finance. The challenge is to get everyone in the trading ecosystem on board for it to work.



Zero Fault Tolerant Payments

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Creative partnerships in the data-driven age

Reinventing financial services for the digital age relies on successful and data driven partnerships that add value to the customer.


Future customer experience driven by technology

Customer experience could be driven by new digital, data-driven services in banking. Technology will also help people develop the right mindset.


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