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Successfully meeting global growth objectives hinges on making the best-informed decisions and optimising liquidity to future-proof your business. By bringing together our cash and derivatives trading, sales and distribution, structured equity and equities finance expertise, that’s exactly what HSBC’s Global Equity group delivers.

Cash Equities

Take advantage of HSBC's global connections and rigorous research through our cash equities franchise, which operates from:

  • Three primary trading hubs in London, New York and Hong Kong
  • Emerging market hubs in Dubai
  • A network of nineteen equity offices globally

Our far-reaching network gives you access to our sales, trading and research specialists across more than 60 developed, emerging and frontier cash equities countries. HSBC also holds a large inventory of stocks, this enables us to offer a consistent trading service and meet the needs of the world's most sophisticated investors.

Cash Equities IOI Disclaimer

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

The ETF market has been, and continues to be, one of the fastest growing areas within financial markets in recent history. HSBC is perfectly positioned to provide you with expert client advisory services that offer bespoke trading solutions to suit your specific requirements. We cater to all institutional client types and tailor our engagement to specifically suit your trading style and needs. Our offering is global, with coverage in the US & APAC and a full global UCITs offering across EMEA (and the rest of the word) from our desk in London.

This spans all asset classes and sectors with a focus on Emerging Markets, Credit, ESG, GBP underlying and precious metals ETCs. HSBC provides in-house pricing via the high touch ETF desk, across all provider ranges. In addition, we cater for low touch, electronic flow via our HSBC ETF fair value algorithm that utilises our own, internally generated, fair value to seek out on-exchange liquidity and value.

Prime Finance

Our Prime Finance team operates across time zones in five continents and key hubs in London, New York and Hong Kong. Our comprehensive offering includes index and sector products, market access, portfolio swaps, ETF, securities borrowing and lending, and value-added strategies.

An innovative partner to Investment Managers, Prime Finance has the latest synthetic platform, providing seamless execution via direct market access (DMA) and direct strategy access (DSA). Our global reach brings together developed and emerging markets with local, on-the-ground expertise in South East Asia, China, Middle East and North Africa, Latin America and South Africa. We have one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry and are well positioned to provide stable funding through market cycles and regulatory changes.

Equity Derivatives

HSBC Global Equities covers a full suite of derivatives products varying from plain vanilla to more complex and structured solutions on a variety of underlyings including country or sectors indices, single names and variances as well as correlation and dispersion or volatility control.

We have direct memberships in over 30 derivatives exchanges and access to more than 50 markets, enabling our sales and trading professionals to serve the needs of asset managers, corporations, hedge funds, pension funds and central banks, and other financial institutions. Our equity derivatives strategists provide bespoke solutions for our clients. With a strong presence and transactional capabilities in emerging markets, HSBC offers coverage out of a dozen countries.

Rule 15a-6

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