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In an age of connectivity, foreign exchange (FX) could be an opportunity to grow your business.

By enabling payments to be made and received in local currencies, technology is helping transform payments into a strategic tool for improving sales and building stronger client relationships. However, this increasing globalisation can bear potential risks: currency conversion and currency fluctuations; pricing transparency; operational risk; transaction costs.

Spurred by the dynamic changes taking place in the payments space, HSBC has developed its Transactional Foreign Exchange (Transactional FX) suite of solutions, enabling you to take control of risks, maximise efficiency and unlock sales opportunities.

HSBC’s Transactional FX solutions in three points

Our solutions are designed to help clients to:

Optimise Sales Optimise Sales
Allow customers to make payments in their local currencies while receiving payment in your home currency.
Gain Control Gain Control
Make payments in your home currency while delivering funds to payees in their local currencies.
Maximise Efficiencies Maximise Efficiencies
Leverage the strength of HSBC’s infrastructure to improve end-to-end currency management.


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