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Protect capital, improve yields and more with a range of products tailored by HSBC’s structuring and sales professionals.

Whatever the final objective – minimising the cost of capital, hedging, diversifying the portfolio, or managing credit exposures – a robust investment and asset allocation strategy could help you optimise returns while minimising risks. HSBC can support you by supplementing your investment portfolio with structured products solutions , which can be used to access particular markets, isolate desired returns and risks, protect against adverse market outcomes and take advantage of optimised trading strategies. These solutions can either be standardised products or bespoke creations for individual clients.

HSBC’s global team of structuring and sales professionals offers in-depth expertise in analysing, structuring and pricing these products.

Our product range covers all the main asset classes including Foreign Exchange (FX), Equities, Fixed Income and Commodities. We also develop tailored solutions in terms of wrappers, funding levels, minimum sizes and available currencies.

Our extensive range of products is combined with knowledgeable support, competitive pricing and dedicated after-sales service. This is backed by the breadth and depth of our global network that gives you access to international markets, and enables us to support clients around the world in various sectors including institutional investors, hedge funds, retail product distributors, governments, supranationals, and corporates.

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