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  • Payments initiated instantly either externally or across your accounts

    Your beneficiaries receive their funds as soon as possible
  • Quick quotes available

    Real-time pricing for most markets available via Get Rate
  • A focus on transparency

    Our payment journeys have been built to provide pricing transparency
  • Easy-to-use and integrated into your online banking platform

    Whether you use Business Banking or HSBCnet, all functionality is just a click away
  • Help always available

    Someone is always on hand to help with any problems

Foreign Currency Accounts

Hold and manage currencies in Foreign Currency Accounts

You can open a Foreign Currency Account in most major currencies (account fees will vary). You will be able to make payments in the currency of the account without the need for currency conversion.

A Foreign Currency Account can be cheaper and easier than setting up and managing an account in a foreign country and it will be integrated with your business internet banking platform.

How do I get started? This is available to all HSBC Business customers. Speak with your Relationship Manager to open a Foreign Currency Account.

Get Rate

Get instant quotes on your payments with Get Rate

Get real-time exchange rates when making payments in most major currencies. This gives you more control of your foreign exchange payments. View the rate before accepting and confirm the exchange rate at the same time as authorising the payment. How do I get started? Get Rate is available in Digital Business Banking and HSBCnet. Speak with your Relationship Manager to get set up with Get Rate.


HSBC Global Wallet

Pay like a local in multiple currencies with HSBC Global Wallet

HSBC Global Wallet allows you to open wallets in multiple currencies and then pay and receive like a local. Benefit from faster payments using local account details. Maximise your visibility over your international business as you manage all your currencies in one place without the hassle of multiple accounts and logins. This is currently only available to HSBCnet customers in the United Kingdom, United States, Singapore and Malaysia.

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Global Disbursements

Make cross-border payments in 130+ currencies from a single operating account

Global Disbursements enables multiple cross-border payments at once with one seamless process including flexible file submission methods. Consolidate payments to effectively reduce the number of foreign currency accounts your organisation needs to hold – saving money, streamlining reconciliation and gaining more control over cash flows. How do I get started? Speak with your Relationship Manager or Global Markets Sales representative.

HSBC Currency Zone

Want the latest FX information? We're in the zone

Check, track and chart your favourite FX rates and stay informed with expert insights, all in one place.

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Receiving Payments

Receive international payments into your domestic account or open a wallet or a Foreign Currency Account to manage your receivables

Managing Currency Risk

Explore FX hedging and protect against FX movements for future-dated payments or receipts

Advanced Hedging Solutions

Discover tailor-made FX solutions with our international network of experts

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