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You can transact with us over the phone or deal online via our e-Platform, HSBC Evolve

Operating across all time zones, HSBC provides local coverage from our teams of specialists who will be able to execute on your behalf or help structure bespoke solutions. You can also execute independently on HSBC Evolve, our digital execution platform, which is available 24 hours a day, 5.5 days a week.

Access to local expertise

Leverage our global network

Our Markets business is one of the largest of its kind, active in more than 60 countries and territories worldwide. This gives us a unique position to offer presence and knowledge to help you spot international opportunities. We have a special focus on connecting clients to Emerging Markets — something we are always open to exploring with you.

Having a Foreign Currency Account means I can control the FX conversion and exposure myself. I find it seamless working with the HSBC FX Team and using the Evolve online platform. The people provide an excellent service and the Evolve platform is excellent – I can’t praise their overall FX service enough.

Director, Waste Recycling Company

FX made easy with HSBC Evolve

Refresh your execution experience and take the complexity out of currency with our intelligent and interactive platform.

HSBC Currency Zone

Get the complete FX picture

Check, track and chart your favourite FX rates and stay informed with expert insights, all in one place.

  • Smarter execution

    Access our liquidity network with more than 1,500 currency pairs, deliverable and non-deliverable across most markets
  • Customised by you

    The Trading Canvas is fully customisable: you can add or delete currency tiles as you wish
  • Follow your transactions

    Execute trades with a single click. Use the Post Trade Portal to easily view your trade blotter and manage your settlement instructions
  • Support your suite of products

    Deal Spot, Forwards, Flexible Forwards (or Time Options), Swaps and Orders on the platform. Availability will vary by region

The team have an excellent and engaging approach, taking time to fully understand the business and its needs – which is the real key for us!

Head of Finance, UK Packaging Provider

Products to help you manage currency risk

Exchange rate movements can impact the bottom line by weakening revenues or inflating your cost base. There are a number of products that can help you protect against this risk and give you certainty in your cash flows.

Quick answers to your risk management questions

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Advanced Hedging Solutions

Discover tailor-made FX solutions with our international network of experts

FX Automation & Risk Management

Integrate with our FX APIs to streamline processes and open up to new markets more easily.

Making Payments

Make payments abroad with real-time rates, open a wallet to pay like a local or hold currencies in Foreign Currency Accounts

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Feeling up and down about exchange rates? We can help.