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Our ETF experts across Markets & Securities Services will guide you on your ETF journey
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Our “All of HSBC” integrated ETF Platform Solutions provides a complete range of services across the full value chain supporting clients in today’s rapidly evolving market.

The smart ETF solution


Our platform is designed to facilitate clients’ needs across the full ETF value chain including:

  • ETF Order Management (TA): Fully digitised order management workflow, using HSBC's new ETF Order Management system. Delivering true real-time STP processing for all ETF Primary Market activity across the entire Creation/Redemption lifecycle, from order placement to settlement. Providing a real-time view to Authorised Participants of all underlying executions across portfolio and FX trading.
  • Fund Services: Utilising our global footprint to provide same day NAV production. Combined with our proprietary ETF NAV vs Index attribution reporting, we provide detailed analysis any tracking error impacts.
  • PCF Production: Utilising market leading solutions to provide the most accurate, timely and transparent daily data to ETF market makers.
  • ETF Execution: HSBC's dedicated ETF trading desk can support execution requirements for ETF investors utilising our proprietary ETF Fair Value Execution Algorithm, in addition to providing Authorised Participant services to ETF issuers.
  • ETF Seeding: HSBC can support client ETF seeding requirements to enable streamlined fund launch.
  • FX Execution: Our Payments & FX Solutions provide dedicated FX execution services for ETF issuers, including Accelerated FX and FX4ETFs.
  • Share Class FX Hedging: Customised ETF execution with associated accounting treatment for ETF funds through HSBC FX Overlay, an automation and outsourcing solution to help HSBC's clients improve FX hedging efficiency, reduce operational risk and increase transparency.
  • Securities Financing: Market leading securities lending program to enhance portfolio returns.
  • Global Custody: Supporting ETF clients with our on-the-ground presence in key markets around the world and our robust custodian network that stretches across 96 markets, Metals Custodian: Support for commodity ETPs.

At HSBC, we are firm believers in partnering with our clients, and our ETF experts have a strong track record in delivering innovative and customised solutions allowing Issuers to focus on building the best products.

Our ETF experts across Markets & Securities Services will guide you on your ETF journey.

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ETFFV algorithm

An Exchange Traded Fund, Fair Value execution algorithm which uses an ETF's fair value

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