Payments & FX Solutions

Payments & FX Solutions

HSBC empowers you to be the driver – not the passenger
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"What exchange rate will I get? How much will it cost? Where is my payment?"

Take the driver's seat on your international payment journey

Payment Currencies*
130 Currencies
We process up to 130 currencies to service our client’s international ambitions
Payments Countries/Territories*
175 Markets
We enable payments to 175 countries/territories connecting our clients across the globe

HSBC has developed integrated solutions that meet client needs and provide a seamless FX payments journey.

Gregory Edwards

Managing Director, Global Head of Transactional FX

Mark Evans

Managing Director, Global Head of Cross Border and Cross Currency Payments

Payments are crucial for business growth. Our solutions deliver for our clients whilst minimising complexity.

HSBC prides on integrating platforms across Transaction Banking whilst connecting into clients' ecosystems via APIs.

Ravi K Murthy

Managing Director, Head – Corporate Sales, Asia Pacific excl Gr China

Key benefits to you

  • Empowered

    We empower your international growth by simplifying processes, helping you manage FX risks and accelerating progress
  • Informed

    Using our advanced technology helps you make data-driven decisions on international payments
  • In control

    Manage your FX risks, improve cash flow forecasting and control international payments with a single global bank

Take a closer look at our solutions

Our team of experts will focus on understanding your pain points, needs and ambitions first before exploring the most suitable solution with you.

Making Payments

Make payments abroad with real-time rates, open a wallet to pay like a local or hold currencies in Foreign Currency Accounts

Receiving Payments

Receive international payments into your domestic account or open a wallet or a Foreign Currency Account to manage your receivables

Managing Currency Risk

Explore FX hedging and protect against FX movements for future-dated payments or receipts

FX Automation & Risk Management

Integrate with our FX APIs to streamline processes and open up to new markets more easily.

Advanced Hedging Solutions

Discover tailor-made FX solutions with our international network of experts

Don’t just take our word for it

HSBC's International Payment platform is simple, quick and very easy to use, saving me a lot of time.

Head of Finance, UK Packaging Company

HSBC Currency Zone

Get the complete FX picture

Check, track and chart your favourite FX rates and stay informed with expert insights, all in one place.

Global Research

Global Research

HSBC Global Research provides information, insights and thought-provoking ideas.

Committed to Good Practice

HSBC has signed an institution-wide Statement of Commitment to the FX Global Code ("the Code") which establishes a common set of guidelines to promote good practice in the Foreign Exchange market.

HSBC has actively contributed to the evolution of the FX Global Code since its inception, with senior management taking a leadership position in the BIS Market Participants Working Group. HSBC provided insight and expertise in drafting and reviewing the FX Global Code alongside peer firms, central banks and buy-side representatives. Since its publication, HSBC has continued to speak publically in support of the FX Global Code at industry events, contribute to industry wide surveys and provide input to consultations related to the Code.

HSBC believes that the Code sets out principles of good practice for the FX market – and promotes a robust, fair, liquid, open, and transparent market underpinned by high ethical standards. HSBC is strongly committed to supporting and promoting adherence to the principles set out in the Code, having embedded the principles of the Code throughout its FX business.

HSBC Holdings Plc - FX Global Code Statement of Commitment

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