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That could help you run a more efficient business with faster access to liquidity and the ability to unlock funds to optimise your working capital.

Speeding access to liquidity is key for maximising working capital efficiency. This involves everything from extending Days Payable Outstanding, to reducing capital trapped in inventory, to tighter cost management and more.

HSBC’s Working Capital Optimisation solutions pull from our vast portfolio of trade and receivables finance products to release funds from the sales, inventory and supply chain. Our specialists work closely with you to implement strategies that improve visibility and cost control across your entire organisation. With this consolidated view, you could be able to unlock and move spare working capital to reduce the cost of funding and minimise reliance on more expensive unstructured lending. We could even help make your business more attractive to investors by analysing key metrics and increasing efficiency ratios.

Faster, simpler digital trade finance with HSBC TradePay

A simplified, digital trade finance solution that empowers you to draw your loan and make just-in-time payments to suppliers immediately.

Using APIs to improve the online purchasing experience

The company is one of the most established semiconductor and integrated circuit producers in the world.

Connecting the world through trade finance

At HSBC, we aim to connect the world through trade finance, helping business, people and the planet to thrive.


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