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In terms of rationalisation and centralisation, SEPA has in effect become a great enabler. Many businesses are reviewing their account structures and considering what operational gains can be put in place. Companies have for some time been able to globally, regionally and domestically centralise their liquidity using a wide range of tools, such as zero-balancing and cross border sweeping. But what SEPA, and the XML data format in particular, has brought is standardisation. This gives corporates the opportunity to more readily explore the centralising, rationalising and streamlining of their accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) processes – even combining these with their existing liquidity structure.

Capitalise on the Opportunities

At HSBC, we are focused on helping our customers see SEPA for what it truly is – a unique opportunity to re-engineer their bank account and liquidity management structures to streamline processes. Since 2008, we have provided companies of all types and sizes with assistance as they migrate to SEPA and:

  • Simplify processes and consolidate bank accounts to create a centralised source of funding and improve overall working capital management
  • Save time and money with fewer accounts and local payment systems to maintain as well as increased straight-through processing by standardising payments formats
  • Open up new markets with easier, consistent processes for both domestic and international Euro payments

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