FX Global Intermediary Services

Harness the power of our FX services

Experience a smarter generation of FX services. Partner with our Global Intermediary Services team and access tailored services through the entire life cycle of your FX execution strategies and investments.

Experience the power of our FX services

As a leading Foreign Exchange (FX) house, HSBC commits to offering clients a best-in-class FX experience. Our Global Intermediary Services team provides guidance and bespoke services as well as access to HSBC's far-reaching network to help you achieve your FX objectives.

FX Custody Services: Choose your execution style

Our FX Custody services are designed to adapt to the local market dynamics, offering clients access to end-to-end solutions in a multitude of markets. Our expertise spans from guidance on accessing a market to transparent execution or simultaneous asset and FX execution.

For more information, contact us: HSBCCustodyFX@hsbc.com. To learn about our Securities Services solutions, please click here.

FX Overlay Services: Master your currency risk management

Our services are designed for clients wishing to outsource their FX exposure management.

With a suite of solutions and services that address both your operational risk and investment management requirements, our experts will manage your FX exposure so you can focus on your core business.

Find out more about here or contact us: HSBCOverlayFX@hsbc.com

FX Prime Services: Unlock liquidity efficiently

Our FX Prime services give you access to market liquidity using our credit lines whilst streamlining your FX operations.

HSBC becomes your sole counterparty post-execution, assuming counterparty and settlement risk on the original transaction. This helps you streamline legal negotiations, create operational efficiencies and optimise your capital management.

For more information, contact us: HSBCPrimeFX@hsbc.com

FX Alternative Execution Services: Where FX gets smarter

Liquidity, strategy and analytics tailored to your needs.

Through HSBC, you'll have access to benchmarks in FX cash and precious metals and a suite of FX algorithmic strategies.

Find out more information here or contact us: HSBCExecutionFX@hsbc.com

Transactional FX: Take your business around the world

In today's cross-border, digital world, growing your business could be quicker and simpler than you think. HSBC's Transactional Foreign Exchange solutions are designed to enable you to leverage the digitalisation of FX payments by taking control of risks, maximising efficiency and unlocking sales opportunities.

Find out more information here or contact us: transactionalfx@hsbcib.com

Global Intermediary Services - Experience the power of our FX services