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HSBC has been one of the leaders at the forefront of sustainable financing over the last few years and is consistently ranked as one of the top three leading global underwriters of Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds.

We also continue to play a pivotal role in the market’s overall development and our involvement as a key member of the Green Bond Principles Executive Committee remains a priority for the bank. HSBC chairs two of the five working groups (New Markets and Index & Database), and is an integral contributor to the Social Bond working group after being one of the founding writers of the Social Bond Guidance in June 2015. This guidance was adopted by the International Capital Markets Association as the Social Bond Principles in GBP Executive Committee in June 2016, and publicly released in June 2017.

Aligned to this, as one of the world’s leading Export Finance banks and a leading Project advisor to governments and sponsors around the world, we are able to gain deep insight into funding mechanisms, commercial structures and across sectors, providing a huge body of knowledge to apply to specific sustainable project situations.

Initiatives such as clean energy, sustainable transport, and increased use of cleantech are becoming higher priority for many across the developed world. HSBC has an instrumental role to play in helping to provide financing and advice for all our clients across the globe to meet their Climate Change targets.

Within the Green Bond space, our Sustainable Financing team's purpose is to support the international development of the Green and Social and Sustainability Bond markets respectively through their extensive role in origination, advisory, structuring and execution of such bond formats, working with both experienced and inaugural issuers on vanilla and innovative transactions alike.

As the Green, Social and Sustainability bond markets continue to mature, HSBC aims to maintain its leading role in their development, highlighted just recently with HSBC's inaugural Green Bond issue.

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