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HSBC and the cities

Unplanned, extreme urbanisation and hyper-connectivity are reshaping our cities and driving change in the economic landscape. We need to help our cities expand their networks and trade so they can thrive in the global economy.

  • The origins of the bank lie with two cities Hong Kong and Shanghai, and HSBC name is derived from the initials of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
  • HSBC has been servicing citizens, corporations and governments across the world for more than 150 years.
  • By applying worldwide best practice from public, private sectors and NGOS coupling with innovative technology and policies, HSBC delivers innovative, financial solutions that meet cities' needs in infrastructure, sustainability and civic.

Infrastructure: innovative ways to connect public services to the people – and bring people closer to public services.

  • Rural to urban migration has triggered an exponential demand for Infrastructure investment that is only predicted to continue growing. Outlook1 forecasts that global infrastructure investment needs to reach USD94 trillion by 2040 to keep pace with profound economic and demographic changes across the globe. Investment required rises to USD97 trillion if it is to add the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of universal provision of clean water, sanitation, and electricity. The analysis reveals a shortfall in needed spending of USD18 trillion – 19 per cent of the forecast need.
  • However financing infrastructure whether this regards new development or modernisation is challenging.
  • HSBC offers expert advice on asset optimisation, capital raising and funding as well as cost-effective access to financing. So cities can utilise stable and growing cash flows e.g. toll roads or ports to meet infrastructure needs with relatively lower risk.

Financial: HSBC is a key player in the global financial system moving over USD394 trillion of cash flows in 135 currencies, facilitating more than 16 million transactions each day, with connections to 150 clearing systems globally.

Commercial: HSBC increases liquidity injection across public and private sector supply chains through its finance programmes

Governmental/public sector: HSBC enables Regional and local government and Cities' administrations to streamline and automate their procurement and citizen processes and experience via electronic collection of taxes, fees, fines, payroll facilities. Ticketing in public means of transportation.



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