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This in-depth survey of 182 issuers’ and investors’ views on sustainable finance shows that environmental questions in particular are now a core element in their thinking about financing and investing.

Executive Summary
  • 98 per cent of Canadian issuers have begun changes to their activities to make them more sustainable.
  • 58 per cent of investors take sustainability issues into consideration in some investment decisions and the majority are planning to broaden or deepen their commitment.
  • A significant 48 per cent of investors said they still see challenges in adopting green finance, compared to just 19 per cent of issuers.
  • The environment is a key focus for Canadian market participants – 51 per cent want more emphasis on reducing air pollution, while 49 per cent call for greater focus on dealing with the problem of plastic that is not recycled.


Key Findings


Canada has great potential to become a global centre for green and sustainable finance. The economy is strong and diversified, with a world-leading financial sector, and a proven capacity for innovation, as evidenced by its technology industry.

The national government is strongly committed to sustainability, with its own strategy to underpin Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy in the Pan-Canadian Framework for Clean Growth and Climate Change1. But the government has also identified a number of obstacles for the financial sector.

An Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance, appointed by Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Minister of Finance, released a report in 20192 that had a number of recommendations, including more and better green finance products and more effective sustainability financial disclosures from businesses and investors.

“Canada has the means and the opportunity to stand among these global leaders as a decision-maker rather than a decision-taker in the global market for sustainable products, markets and growth,” said the report. Read more

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