Global Trade and Receivables Finance

Letters of Credit

Grow your trading relationships confidently with a Letter of Credit, mitigating the payment risks associated with cross-border trade and improving your cash flow.
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Faster, simpler digital trade finance with HSBC TradePay

A simplified, digital trade finance solution that empowers you to draw your loan and make just-in-time payments to suppliers immediately.
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Working Capital Optimisation solutions

That could help you run a more efficient business with faster access to liquidity and the ability to unlock funds to optimise your working capital.
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International Trade Growth solutions

For expanding into new growth markets and capitalising on existing global supply and sales chains which could help you to improve your revenues and market share.
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Supplier Finance Management solutions

To help strengthen partnerships with key suppliers around the world which could also help improve visibility and control over your global supply chain.
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Sales Finance Management solutions

That could help to support you in growing your sales and distributor network and reducing the risk of non-payment as you provide access to well-priced working capital.
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Trade Risk Management solutions

Could help you to manage the risks of entering new markets, working with new partners and price and currency volatility – while also helping you to protect critical relationships.
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Standard Trade Terms

If you receive trade services from HSBC, please click 'View more' to access the applicable Standard Trade Terms for your review.