FX Automation & Risk Management

FX Automation & Risk Management

Looking to automate your FX processes? We can help.
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Integrate with our FX APIs to streamline processes and open up to new markets more easily.

Seamless Integration

Integrate our FX capabilities directly into your systems and achieve a truly automated FX booking process

Our FX APIs provide FX rates which are guaranteed for an agreed period of time so you can easily show converted prices in your e-commerce platform. Your customers will be able to see prices and pay them in their local currency. We can also offer refunds at the original rate, giving your customers confidence that they will be fully reimbursed when the transaction needs to be reversed. Each transaction will generate an FX booking for you automatically.

Open up to new markets

Explore new markets without setting up full banking infrastructure

FX APIs enable you to show pricing in currencies for new markets without the need for local bank accounts.

All solutions are supported 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you can have confidence operating in different time zones.

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Making Payments

Make payments abroad with real-time rates, open a wallet to pay like a local or hold currencies in Foreign Currency Accounts

Receiving Payments

Receive international payments into your domestic account or open a wallet or a Foreign Currency Account to manage your receivables

Managing Currency Risk

Explore FX hedging and protect against FX movements for future-dated payments or receipts

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Looking to automate your FX processes? We can help.